Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4-Digit Digital Stopwatch

Stop Watch Digital in this article are manufactured using a source clock of timer IC 555 and to process the timing performance using the IC 74C926. IC 74C926 is a 4-digit counter with output latches are installed internally to the output viewer 7 segment and for the output driver NPN transistor to control the viewer 7 segment common cathode. penampilanan engineering data by the IC 74C926 done multiplexing to 4 pieces a viewer in control 7 segment through NPN transistor. The beating of the Stop Watch Digital built using a 555 timer IC dseting has output that can be set to tap the Stop Watch Digital is to count time 0.1 seconds and 1 second.

Digital Stop Watch

4-Digit Digital Stopwatch

Work System Stop Watch Digital
First time series Digital Stop Watch will be used to do reset the Stop Watch Digital by pressing the S3 (Reset switch) so layaf will display data 0000. Then to start doing the counting is done by pressing the S2 (button start / stop) and to stop the Stop Watch Digital counting process is done by pressing the S2 (button start / stop) on the Stop Watch Digital. Then to choose the time of counting on a series Digital Stop Watch is provided by 2 votes counting time 0.1 seconds and 1 second to choose from dengang S1 in the Stop Watch Digital.

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